Hi, my name is Luke and I would regard myself as a Digital Hand-drawn Graphic Designer.

Born and raised on the outskirts of Cardiff, Wales, my upbringing was very much like the average kid.  As a child, I was exposed to expressing myself through the means of creativity but it was never something that I saw myself doing for a living. 

In fact, growing up, I was regarded as that annoying sporty kid who would be involved with every and any sport.  Football was the sport I most excelled at, after being in the Cardiff City Academy for 7 years and representing the Wales LD squad.  But unfortunately the childhood dream of becoming a professional footballer came to an end.  

Designing has always been therapeutic for me.  A chance to get away from life and to be in my own little world.  I love it.  For me, art and design allows me to express my roots onto paper (or screen..), to create something out of nothing and to share joy with others.  

I began my digital journey back in January 2018, where I upgraded from paper to screen.  I am so thankful I did as I do not believe I would be where I am today.  Drawing digitally has taught me new things, created new opportunities and given me new challenges.  

Nothing can beat that feeling of someone acknowledging one of my creations and saying 'wow'.